Features for your participants

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Your participants may either use a desktop computer or mobile device, the website is fully responsive, and all features are available through any device (though with a slightly different design).

After you have accepted a participant into your tournament (or have created him manually, using his Toornament Account email address), he will enjoy all the features and tools the platform has to offer, making your life an order of magnitudes easier!

As of now, things participants can do are:

1. List of Tournaments and Matches

Participants will see your tournament, and all their matches in it, in ordered lists directly on the front pages.

2. Discipline-specific advanced features

Features like the Hearthstone Pick & Ban, Krosmaga Pick & Ban or LOL Tournament Codes are directly available to participants with Toornament accounts!

3. Check-in

You can enable the Check-in, so participants have to confirm their presence before the tournament begins!

4. Match Result Report

Participants will also be able to report the results of their matches themselves, with scores, proof screenshots and notes.

5. Match Lobby

Participants also have access to match lobbies, to discuss with their opponents and/or you.

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