Using time as score

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Toornament lets you use time as a score in all of your FFA games and matches. To change the score system, head into the Match settings of your FFA stage (see this guide for more information on that), either when creating or editing it. There, you can choose the Score Type & Score Direction.

Score Type

There are now two types of scores available for your FFA stages:

  • Points: the good old points, attributed to participants after a game, tallied up in the match.
  • Time: the new metric, that would let you enter a time for your participants in their games/matches. The time is entered in a format (you will see 4 different fields, one for each unit), and you just enter the ones that are relevant to you and your competition.

Score intent

With the introduction of the time score type comes a new way of sorting the results of participants in a FFA match, where you can choose between two directions for the score:

  • Highest: the standard one, where the participant with the highest score (or time) will be ranked higher
  • Lowest: the new one, adapted to the time, where the participant with the lowest score (or time) will be ranked higher

Both directions are available for both score types, as you may prefer an ascending order with points (ex: to count the number of deaths in a game, and have the lowest one be the winner) or a descending order with time (ex: to have the longest survivor win the game).

Note that the Score Type & Direction are applied to both games and matches, for a whole stage. You may not (yet) mix time and points in a same stage.
Feel free to test these out, play with them and see how they work, and contact us for questions or feedback!

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