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Updated 4 months ago by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Tournaments on Toornament can now be arranged in projects. You can find a 'My Projects' page alongside your list of organized tournaments, where you will be able to create and manage your projects. Projects are the backbone of the Plan system, but are optional and can be used to simply order your tournaments, and provide tournament permissions to groups of users.
Once created, a project can have tournaments associated with it, either by creating a new tournament directly in the project, or by associating existing tournaments. You can also choose to dissociate a tournament from a project if need be.

Project Groups

You can create a Group with users in your project, and attribute permissions in the project to them. These groups can also be used to apply batches of permissions within the tournaments of the project.
Only tournaments that are part of said project can have the group and attribute permissions to them.

Project Permissions

A project comes with a set of two permissions (more are to be added in the future), that can be applied to both users and groups (a group is a list of users):

  • Administrate project: Lets the user/group access the project, and rename it.
  • Associate tournaments: Lets the user/group associate and dissociate tournaments from the project.

Projects also allow the creation and management of API Applications (if you have Developer access), which was previously available through the Developer website.

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