When does X feature release?

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


At Toornament, we strongly believe in Agile Development, which means we release our updates and new features whenever they are ready, and we feel they improve the user's experience.
What it obviously means is that there is always much room for improvement, and we keep working on them long after they have been released.
A less-known consequence is that it is often really hard to give an Estimate Time of Arrival for all features and updates we are not currently working on, because we never really know how things will unfurl and what new priorities might emerge.

Basically, features are shipped as soon as they are ready, and we try communicating around them as much as we can, especially thanks to our Public Roadmap.

If you have questions, or feedback about existing or needed features, our Support and Discord are open channels for you to contact us and tell us what is on your mind!

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