How do I find a Tournament or Participant ID?

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


On Toornament, every single entity has a unique identifier, would it be a tournament, any part of its structure (from the stages to the matches) or its participants (with their registrations). These IDs are used in the API, and are interchangeable when you navigate the website.
To retrieve the ID of an entity, you just have to gather the string of numbers that follows the name of the entity you are looking for.

For example, if you need the ID of a tournament, simply retrieve the string of numbers directly following "tournaments" in the URL:

As such, here is the cascade of IDs leading to a single round (with a line break for readability):
/groups/2126995035109769233 /rounds/2138380628887904304

The very same logic applies to participants:

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