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You know the drill: “Harness the power of Toornament to produce great competition!”

But do you know that you can also benefit from our social channels to put the spotlight on your tournament. Here’s how:


We’re committed to support our organizers projects through our Twitter feed. We cover all the eSport news that matter for eSport professionals, from Marketing to Business and Trends. We also want to promote our community so that organizers have a better knowledge of what their peers are up to.

Feel free to bip us, adding @toornament in your tweet and we’d be happy to RT, share or give a shootout!

Use Case

We’re pushing our focuses on our community with interviews and case studies published on our blog and pushed through our Twitter and newsletter.


Here are some examples:

If you want to share your experience as an eSport organizer, just fire us an email and we’ll get back to you to see how we can tell your story together.

As you know, we cover all the major tournaments in eSports. The LCS, International, ESL One, Starladder, PGL and other top tier events are all covered by our dedicated team.

We want to expand from there and add to the fleet a few high quality tournaments. Want to make it to our featured selection? Submit your tournament. Just keep in mind that we’ll just pick a few, so maximize your chances by meeting these requirements:

  • Must use most of the basic Toornament features
  • Must be filled with as much information as possible
  • Must be actively updated to get all the scores and information asap
  • Must be recognized and respected already in your region
  • Solid prizes (money prize or gear prize) boost your credibility


And of course, we’re always on to give a hand if you need help, straight from your dashboard.


The support team will answer your questions and give all the tips and advices you need. That’s a good place to start until we write about you!

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