Registration fees

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Enabling paid registrations on your tournament(s) is available from the Pro Plan and higher.

Note that we currently only support Paypal (which also allows payment by CB), and that you need to configure a Business Account on Paypal to unlock the features needed to integrate Paypal and Toornament.

You can enable paid registrations in a tournament by going into the Registration Settings and Fees tab of any of your tournament that is part of a project with a Pro Plan or higher:

You will be able to enable them, and set the price per player, or in case of a team tournament, choose between a price for each team, or per team player registering in a team.

You then need to configure the Payment Gateway. You will find your Paypal API Credentials on, after enabling your Dev Account for Paypal.

Create a new application and copy/paste your Client ID & Secret. You can use the credentials from the Sandbox mode on Paypal and enable the Sandbox Mode on Toornament to do some testing and see how it works. Also note that you will need to upgrade your Paypal account to a Business one to have access to Live credentials.

Once setup with live credentials, participants willing to register to your tournament will be informed and prompted with the payment step during the registration process. Players going through the registration and paying will automatically be accepted in the tournament.

Registration fees go directly from the players to the organizer, Toornament is not involved nor do we take a percentage or fee on paid registrations. As such, all monetary operations have to be done via Paypal (if you wish to refund a registration for example).

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