Introducing the Threshold

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


The threshold is an advanced feature on Toornament meant to alter a bracket structure in order to qualify more than one participant. It can be found under the "Advanced" tab of any Bracket-type Stage Configuration.
By default, the threshold of a stage is 1, meaning a single participant comes out on top of it. If you increase this value to N, you will effectively remove the matches used to decide between the N best participants.

This feature is mostly used in the GSL-like Bracket Groups:

In this structure, each group is a standard Double-Elimination bracket, where the Grand Final is not played, because we want to qualify 2 participants per group. Hence, this particular stage has the following settings:

  • Type: Bracket Groups
  • Bracket Type: Double Elimination
  • Size: 32
  • Groups: 8
  • Threshold: 2 (the value is for each group, not the whole stage)

A threshold can only be one of a set of values, depending on the type of bracket you wish to use, and has to be the number of participants playing in a round.

This comes from the fact that you can only set a threshold that would remove all matches from an entire round, hence an number of participants different depending on the type or bracket.

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