Tournament Legal Matters - 101

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All events must comply to a minimum legal framework, depending on the country and laws. But in this field, things are never simple.< /br> Here are some basic but useful advices, before you dive into it with legal experts and lawyers.

  1. Hire a lawyer for your tournament rules
    Laywers and legal officers are the impossible to circumvent figures for anything legal. They’re the one who can validate your set of rules. This also applies for any contest with a prize. This process is your insurance in the event of any dispute over your event or contest. Their services may cost a bit, but you can’t afford for any legal fight over your tournament and worst, during your event.
  2. Is it legal to pay money prize ?
    Any activity involving earning money requires to remain within the applicable legal framework of your country. This is particularly true and tricky for gaming and gambling categories, both of which could be applied to Esport. So double check your can pay with money, before you start gathering any.
  3. Have your event insured
    Organizers are required to insure the security of the attendance of its event. They are also liable from hazards (fire, bodily injury). To prevent those risks, you will therefore have to purchase insurance from a wide array of offers and options. Think thoroughly to all the possible incidents and accidents that might happen during your event and pick the right options accordingly.
  4. What to do if a competitor is not eligible ?
    “So I just discovered that the winner of my tournament is under 18 and thus was not eligible to compete from the beginning. What do I do ?” Tricky question for a tricky situation. Just follow the rule, which is “follow your rules” - you know, the ones you paid a lawyer for.

    Any competitor who didn’t comply to all the rules (age, country, cheat etc.) should have all his participation cancelled by the organizer.

    If matches were already played, the fairest decision would be to have them cancelled and your tournament replayed, even tho it delays it.

    Fortunately, we have some nice advices to manage your tournament schedule!

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