Participants' Custom Fields

Updated 4 months ago ​by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Toornament allows you to add any number of Custom Fields to your participants, would they be individuals or teams (and you can then apply custom fields to the whole team, or to each member).

You can find this feature in the Organizer Dashboard, under the "Settings" - "Participants" menu, in the "Team/Player Custom Fields" tab(s).

The available Custom Fields are as follow:

  • Address: Complete IRL address
  • Birth Date: date of birth, usually for verification purposes.
  • Checkbox: Just presents the text filled with a box to check. Typically for Yes/No questions.
  • Country: Used to display flag by the participants if logos are not used.
  • Custom: Can by any and everything.
  • Facebook: Name, account or link to Facebook page.
  • Full Name: Complete IRL Name+Surname.
  • Instagram: Nick or link to Instagram account.
  • Optin: Kind of like the Checkbox, but for newsletters and information.
  • Snapchat: Nick or link to Snapchat account.
  • Twitch: Nick or link to Twitch account.
  • Twitter: Handle or link to Twitter account.
  • Vimeo: Nick or link to Vimeo.
  • Website: URL of a personal/team website.
  • YouTube: Nick or link to Youtube channel.

Some Disciplines also have specific platform-related Custom Fields available, like Steam ID or PSN ID!

Each custom field can be set as "Required", to prevent registration if it's not been filled.
Fields can be either "Private" (default) or "Public", to be visible on the participant's information on the public pages, and in the Participant Dashboard (particularly useful if you ask for In-Game Name or platform IDs).
You can also change its Label (what's displayed when asking for information on the registration page) and its Default Value:

The "Email" field is mandatory when registering, but not required if you create your participants yourself through the Organizer Dashboard.

So don't hesitate to use and abuse Custom Fields! Using all of them is probably a bit overkill, but you can give your participants the choice of filling what interests them, if they wish to display a Twitch Account for their matches for example...

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