Why are my matches locked?

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


There are three possible reasons, depending on the kind of stage the match is in:

  • Group/League: you have Validated your Group or Division, thus creating a final ranking, and locking all matches used to calculate said ranking. Simply Unvalidate the Group or Division to unlock the matches if you need to change the scores or results.
  • Bracket: One of two situations may lock a match:
    • One of the participants from the locked match has already played its following match. You need to reset the Result of the second match for the first to be unlocked.
    • The matches leading to the locked match have not been completed yet, preventing you from adding scores and results to the locked match.
  • Swiss: You have created the next round of your Swiss System, thus locking all matches from the previous one. If you need to edit previous matches, you have to delete your latest Swiss Round.

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