Introducing the Swiss System

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

The Swiss System lets you create a stage with a high number of participants, in which people will be ranked according to their results, even if they have not met each and every opponent in the stage. This is possible with the specific tiebreakers that come with the stage, namely the 'Buccholz' ones, that compare the performance of participants by checking the strength of their opponents.

Note that the Toornament's Swiss System is a true-to-form Swiss stage, and that it follows three strict rules:

  1. Participants play all rounds
  2. Participants may not face an opponent more than once
  3. Participants are paired with an opponent depending on their current standing in the stage

Note that this is where it differs from ESL-style Swiss stages for example, in that no participants are qualified/eliminated after X wins/losses, per Rule 1.

It is possible to Forfeit a participant in the stage, to prevent them from appearing in following rounds. It does not automatically forfeit their current match, if they have one, so make sure to handle the current match accordingly. This participant will then be excluded from the pairing, and not appear in subsequent rounds, and they will be dropped at the bottom of the ranking.

You can cancel the Forfeit status in the stage, under the condition that you are still in the same round when the participant was dropped.

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