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Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

The widgets are available in the Pro plan and above, and can be found under the 'Share' menu of any tournament that is part of a project with such a plan.

Resizable and available in 7 languages, widgets can all be added with a single line of HTML code to any website, for you to easily display all information to any passer-by!

Global Widgets

The Registration Widget

Available in Dark or Light mode, this widget is a simple button allowing you to redirect wanna-be participants to your tournament for them to register:

The Tournament Widget

This generic widget evolves as the tournament goes, to display information before it starts, latest and upcoming matches during the event, and the Winner when the tournament is over. No further action is required on your side, as it automatically updates as the status of the tournament changes.

These are the same widget, displaying dynamic information depending on the advancement of the competition; before it starts, while under way, after it's over. They are here presented in a "side-bar sizing", but also display upcoming matches or latest results if in a bigger embed:

The Schedule Widget

Use this one to display your detailed match schedule! You may also filter the dates to only display a fraction of the matches!

Detailed Widgets

The Stage Widget

You may choose any stage of your tournament to get displayed with this widget. Display will then depend on the type of stage selected, but it can accomodate any kind of stage!

The Group Widget

You may choose any group of any stage of your tournament to display in this widget. The display will then adapt to the kind of stage.

The Round Widget

Just like the previous ones, except you can display matches from a single round in a widget:

The Match Widget

You can also choose to go as far as displaying a single match in a Toornament widget:

The Game Widget

Finally, games are also available through their own Toornament widget:

On your website!

As stated before, including one of our widgets on your website only requires you to add a single line of HTML, that is automatically generated under the "Share" menu, both in the Organizer Dashboard and the Public Pages of the tournament. Width and Height can be changed to accomodate the display you wish to provide to your audience, and the result is awesome:


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