Group & Round Validation

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


One tricky part about the Round-Robin Groups and League formats is the tie situation, where two or more participants end with the same amount of points.
That’s why Toornament handle Tiebreakers, to rule the final standings.

Even after all matches are played and have a result, Toornament keeps these stages in an unvalidated status, until you manually validate the group, to acknowledge for ties and make sure the ranking is conform to what your tournaments rules are.

Participants won't be considered as having left the stage as long as you don't validate the groups or league.
To do so, simply click the green button in the top-right corner of the Group/League page in the Organizer Dashboard.

Once it is done, the status will change, the Group/League will become validated, and its participants will become available as "Outgoing Participants" for other stages (see How the Placement works for more info).

Beware though, a validated Stage/Group is no longer editable, meaning its matches will become locked, and you won't be able to change the settings affecting the ranking (like points attribution, tiebreakers or pairing).

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