Report your Results and Scores

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Desktop and Mobile designs are different, but the features and overall process remain the same across all devices!
As of now, participants are only able to report overall match results, and not individual game ones, even if the organizer set a multi-game match format. Match report is also only available for Duel matches, and not FFA matches.

How to report a score

You can access Your Matches either from the top Navigation Menu, or the item directly on the tournament public pages. Then just click on one to report its results.

The result (win - draw - loss) is mandatory, scores are optional.
You can also upload a screen capture (optional) as a proof of the match result.

Match dispute

It happens from time to time that a participant made an error entering the result, score, or match detail.
If your match has a result, than your opponent has made his report, or an admin did. In case it was your opponent, you will then see an option to Dispute the report, in case you disagree with what was reported:

You can enter your own report and submit a Dispute. The match will then be unvalidated until a decision is taken by an admin.

Here comes the admin

If a Dispute over one match occurs, the tournament admin can settle it.

They can review both reports and then, either close the dispute or enter their own report, which will act as the definitive one. Participants can’t contest the admin decision over a dispute, but it can still be edited later on.

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