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By subscribing to a Series plan, you gain access to the Circuits feature. This lets you organize tournaments with seasons, regions and tiers, here's how to do it.

Firstly, head into your Project, and open the Circuit menu. You will be able to create a new circuit, and will be asked for its name.
Once created, you will be able to edit the Circuit information, to add a description and logo via the Settings > Circuit item. You will see alongside this the Seasons, Regions and Tiers items, that let you create the respective classificiations in your circuit.

Tournaments can then be created directly in the circuit, or associated with the circuit; if they belong to the same project, and are not part of a circuit yet. Multiple circuits can be created within a project, but a tournament may only be part of a single circuit. When adding a tournament to the circuit, you can edit its classification to assign a Season, Region and/or Tier to it. This can be modified at any point.

Finally, the Circuit can be linked to a Series website to display its information, and its tournaments' details, on the website. To do so, simply edit the Website settings to link the right circuit to it.

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