Introducing the Double-Robin format

Updated 3 months ago by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Sometimes, you need an original match format to spice up things. Fancy double Round-Robin? This format provides more matches for your participants and finer sorting output for you. Here's how to enable it:


Pick a compatible structure, Round-Robin and Double Round-Robin are available in "Round Robin Groups" (duh!) and "Leagues" only.


In the Structure menu, click on "Configure" for the stage you want to change:


Under the Advanced Tab, you can now change the Pairing Method in the top-left corner:

The Manual pairing is for those who want to create a fully customized stage, and is explained in the Pairing Table article.

You’re all set!
Note: changing your Pairing Method with regenerate your Group phase. Better do it before starting the matches!

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