How to organize a Battle Royale tournament without Custom Lobbies?

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


If you want to organize a tournament on a Battle Royale discipline, but do not have access to a custom lobbies to gather your participants in private matches, there are two main ways to still get it done:

Play asynchronous FFA matches

Your first option is to setup the tournament just as if you had a private match to put your participants in, with FFA Simple or FFA Brackets. Except they will not play in the same match, but all play a match on their end, and send you their results.
You then enter the results in the FFA stage created on Toornament, and get a ranking.

  • Asynchronous matches mean the participants can play at different times, providing flexibility
  • The scoring format can be a true Battle Royale, just like in pro tournaments
  • Participants are not really facing one another
  • Participants may be tempted to cheat, by playing more games, not submitting their real result etc.

Play duel matches

The other option would be to create a Duel stage instead (usually an Elimination bracket), and have participants face off two at a time. They join the game in the same team (Duos if your participants are solo players, teams if your participants are duos), and the winner is the participant that either survived the longest, or killed the most enemies, another metric you choose, or any combination of those.

  • Participants are playing in the same match
  • The duel structures are well-known
  • Participants may report their own scores and results after a match
  • Not exactly the "Battle Royale" experience, as you only have to beat 1 opponent
  • No global ranking between the participants
  • Duel formats are way longer, due to only eliminating half of the participants after each round

So ultimately, there are no clear "better structure" to organize such a tournament, and the choice is up to you, Organizer.

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