Mobile Legends Bang Bang - In-game integration

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Toornament provides an integration with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang by allowing lobbies to be created automatically in-game for players to join. You need to define a Match Format, to have games in your matches.

Once the tournament starts, and players are ready to play, they will see a "Launch game" item in their match navigation:

One player from the hosting team (displayed on the left on the match sheet) needs to host the game, and will be prompted with the steps to do so.

Here are the steps:

1. "Create Lobby" for the current game, directly on the Toornament match sheet, to go to the MLBB Tournament Tool.

2. Once on MLBB Tournament Tool, "Create Game" (or search an existing game if you already created it)

3. "Create Lobby" or scan the QR code on the MLBB Tournament Tool

4. This will open your game and put you in a Lobby that you must not leave, or it will be closed

5. Come back to the MLBB Tournament Tool, and copy the "ID" of the Lobby

6. Return to Toornament and paste the ID of the Lobby in the ID field, this will let other players join the Lobby

Once the ID is set by the host, copied from the MLBB Tournament Tool, the other players in the match will see a "Go to Lobby" button in their "Launch game" menu:

7. Go back to the Lobby in-game and wait for the players to start the game

8. Once the match is over, use the Match Report feature as usual to report the score and results (automating results retrieval is planned in a future update !)

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