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Here is the list of website examples for you to see the capabilities of our Website Builder. Everything that you see has been built with the Builder, and can be customized further.

Single Tournament Websites

Beast Stars

A Brawl Stars-themed website with a Homepage and Calendar, Results, Teams pages. An example widget is also available.
The Homepage displays a Twitch embed, a Sponsor section and Season overview. The website footer contains a link to the qualification tournament.
Demo website / Demo Widget

Supra Cup

A Valorant-themed one-page website. An example widget is also available.
The all-inclusive Homepage displays the list of teams, competition bracket and social network links.
Demo website / Demo widget

6 Double Dash

A Rainbow 6 Siege-themed non-scrollable website (on Desktop).
The Homepage lists all important information in an abridged way. Tournament results are available on a single display page with a bracket, and the competition rules on another page.
Demo website:

Rift Champions

A minimalistic website for a League of Legends competition.
The website displays the calendar and bracket with results seamlessly on the homepage.
Demo website:

Nordic Eternals

A Rocket League-themed website with Homepage, Groups, Playoffs, Information and Rules pages.
The Homepage embeds a Twitch player and relevant information, the Groups are browsable and the Playoffs page displays the final bracket of the tournament.
Demo website:

Circuit Websites

Ultimate Ninja Series

A Naruto-themed website for a complete circuit, with the Homepage listing all of the circuit tournaments.
Each tournament has its own page, with information, match calendar and results with bracket display.
The website footer embeds a Twitch player to let spectators follow the competition at all times.
Demo website:

School Esports League

A school varsity esports website, with several games, seasons and tiers (high school & college).
Links to useful resources and the competition are available via the navigation, and players can find their tournament of choice thanks to the circuit viewer.
Demo website:

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