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The Toornament Website Builder lets you create a custom website for your competition. It's highly customizable, and to ensure a complete white-label experience, we provide a custom hostname feature in all of the plans with access to the Website Builder.

Here are the steps to apply your own domain to a website created with our Builder:

1. Reserve your domain

To enable a custom hostname on Toornament, you need to own the domain you wish to use, and have access to its configuration.
If you do not already own the domain in question, contact a domain registrar to acquire it.

2. Set the hostname up

Send us an email at 'customer@toornament.com' to request a custom URL for your Toornament competition website.
Make sure to include the current URL of your Toornament website (https://site.toornament.com/xxx) and the custom hostname you are the owner of and wish to use, complete with sub-domain and domain. Examples: "www.example.com" or 'esports.example.com' (the sub-domain is mandatory, it can not be 'example.com').
We will configure the website with your custom hostname.
Note that once we have set your hostname, the website will no longer be reachable using the "https://site.toornament.com/xxx" URL.

3. Validate domain ownership

Once the hostname has been setup, we will send you an email containing instructions to certify that you are the owner of the domain you wish to use:

  • a TXT entry to validate the ownership of the domain
  • a TXT entry to validate the SSL certificate of the domain

These two entries need to be added in your DNS zone (how to update your DNS differs based on your registrar, contact them if you need assistance with this step).

4. Map the hostname

In the same email, we will also provide you with the DNS configuration you also need to add to your DNS zone to map your custom hostname with the Toornament server:

  • a CNAME entry to indicate the Toornament hostname

5. Wait for DNS propagation

Once the process is completed, it can take up to 72 hours for the DNS modifications to be fully propagated across the internet.
Make sure to account for this potential delay in your project organization.

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