Double Finals Configuration

Updated by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


When choosing a Double Elimination Bracket structure, you have to set up your Grand Finals, by choosing between three options:


Selecting this setting will simply generate a bracket without a Grand Finals. The structure will end with an Upper Bracket winner, and a Lower Bracket winner, that won't meet in the end.


Selecting this setting will generate a simple Grand Finals, made of a single match between the Upper and Lower Bracket winners. Whoever wins the match is winner of the stage, and potentially of the whole tournament. This was the only option in the past.


This setting will generate a double Grand Finals, between the Upper and Lower Bracket winners. From here, two cases:

  1. The Upper Bracket winner wins the match, he is the winner of the Grand Finals, of the stage (and maybe of the tournament), and the second match of the Grand Finals is removed
  2. The Lower Bracket winner wins the match, the Grand Finals is reset, and a second match is played between the two participants. The winner of this second match is the Grand Finals winner.

If, you change the winner of the first match of the Grand Finals, the second match will be added or removed accordingly.

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