The Forfeit

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Matches accept "Forfeit" as a Match Result (in lieu of the usual "Win/Draw/Loss").
To declare a participant as forfeit, you simply have to tick the "Forfeit" checkbox corresponding to him in a Game or Match sheet.

A forfeited participant in a match is automatically considered as having lost, and his opponent is considered the winner. If both participants of a match are forfeit, then there is no winner.

Double Forfeit is not possible in a bracket, just like a Draw is impossible. If two participants are forfeit in a bracket match, you have to set one forfeit, and forfeit the other in his next match by default.

The Forfeit status is NOT calculated in a match, meaning because you set all games for a participant as Forfeits, the whole match will not be considered forfeited automatically, you will also have to declare the Forfeit at the match level.

For the League, Swiss and Round-Robin stages, you can declare specific Points to get distributed to participants that are forfeit in a match. These points can be negative, and apply to the forfeited participant, his opponent will earn the "Win" points normally:

Forfeit status is displayed in brackets, league rankings etc. through with either "Forfeit" or an orange "F".

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