Introducing the "Skip 1st Round"

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Each organizer have their way to put people into a double elimination structure. Most of the time, participant are placed into a bracket following their given seedings, or their performances in the previous stages of the tournament (i.e groupstage), or from qualifiers.


A classic Double Elimination structure.

Enters "Skip 1st Round".

This placement method separates the top performers / seeds from the under performers / lower seeds, by simulating a 1st winner bracket round.

Top seeds are placed into the Winner Bracket 2nd Round, while low seeds go directly into the Loser Bracket 1st Round.

In a way, “Skip 1st round” does skip the Main Bracket 1st Round…

This method puts more weight in the first stages performances, as your results will heavily alter your winning odds : 50% of the participants getting in the double elimination playoffs won’t get any second chance, as they land straight into the Loser Bracket.

Here are some cases to show how “Skip 1st round” changes the playoff placement :

Qualifiers to main event :

  • The top 2 finishers of the qualifiers are placed in the Winner Bracket
  • The 3rd and 4th place finishers are placed in the Loser Bracket

Groupstage to playoff :

  • The leader of the group is placed in the Winner Bracket
  • The 2nd of the group is placed in the Loser Bracket

If you’re interested in this feature, you can find "Skip 1st Round" in the General Structure options !

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