Different ways to award points

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You can fine tune the way you award points for each match and game in the following formats: Groups, League and Swiss System.

Match Result

The traditional Match Result method with a Win granting 3 Pts, a Draw 1 Pt and a Loss 0 Pt for the final result is the default method, because it is widely accepted in tournaments, and works fine in most cases.
But we have added two new options for specific formats, rules or personal taste.

Match Score

"This will award points equal to the score of each match"

This option will add the score of each participant to his points. So, if combined with the Match Result method, a participant winning a match will earn 3+(his score), while the loser will only earn as many points as his score.
It is useful when you want to emphasize the importance of score, and using it as a tiebreaker is not good enough, for example.

Game Result

"This will award points according to the result of each game of each match (win, draw or loss)."

With this option, each game of a match will grant a set number of points depending on the result. It works just like the Match Result scoring, but with points awarded for every game played.
It is useful when you want to reward participants putting up a good fight, by taking some games even when losing, for example.

Picking one of these point awarding methods or combining them together will allow you to shape your result rewards the way you want.

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