Participate in your First Tournament

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Welcome on Toornament fellow competitor!

If you're here, it's probably to take part in one of our numerous tournaments, so let's have a quick overview of how things are going to happen for you!

This guide is destined to first-time users, on the Web Platform. But things are not so different on the Mobile.

First thing is obviously to create your account and log in! Once you are connected, head back to the Toornament Front Page and check those games...

1. Choose your game

Toornament supports more than 200 games, so we bet you are going to find something that suits you!
Simply click on the game's title or image in the List of Games. You are going to land on the Featured List, and can navigate to the Open Tournaments currently available on the platform.

2. Choose your tournament

You then have to choose which tournament you want to participate in. Several factors are to be taken into account. The platform it is played on (for multi-platform titles), the region/server, the language used etc.

Pay close attention to the Timezone the tournament is played in! You can switch the timezone the dates and times are displayed with the clock in the header!
Toornament is a free platform, so as long as you stay on, you won't be asked for a dime. Beware of external links though.

3. Register in the tournament

Once your choice is made, you simply have to request a Registration. To do so, simply click on "Apply for Registration", or go under the "Registration" tab.
You will be prompted with the Organizer's message, and the fields you have to fill in order to register for the tournament.
When it's all filled up, "Request your Registration"!

4. Get accepted and check your participation

Once accepted in the Tournament, you will find it under My Tournaments in your Participant Dashboard. All tournaments you participate in, past, present and future, will appear on this page.
Its My Registrations counterpart is for all registrations you've made, would they be Accepted, Refused or still Pending.
Click on a Tournament to access the list of matches you have to play in the competition.

5. Meet your opponent, play your matches and report your results

Every single match you have to play has its own page, with an option to Report the score if the Organizer enabled this feature, and a Match Lobby to chat with your opponent.
That's also the place you will find all the information needed to contact your opponent in-game, as was asked during your own registration.
Once you have played your match, you can Report the result and score, and move onto your next match!

6. Now, win!

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The rest is up to you... Perform well, win matches and tournaments, gather fame and glory, and gloat in front of your friends!

Bonus: Everything you did can be done on Mobile

Register, Login, Choose a game and a tournament, apply for registration and play your matches... All those can be done directly through our Mobile App, which is just as free as the rest of the platform!

At the time being, only the Match Lobby is missing from the Mobile App, but it should not be long before it is also available there!

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