The Organizer Partner Program

Updated 11 months ago by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

We believe that all kinds of esports start with the community, we decided to launch a Partner Program to identify, help and reward our best organizers.

The Partner Program will aim at bringing those organizers to the next level thanks to a bunch of bonuses:

New business opportunities

Upon request from major video game stakeholders and brands, we will activate our partner organizers community to take part in tournament campaigns and get paid for what you do the best: organizing tournaments.

Dedicated features

You are no longer limited to 256 participants per tournament, and can create competitions to arrange up to 4096 players!
Plus, we will release features especially for our Partners and/or allow them to access beta versions of upcoming features, such as the Tournament Playlist.

Premium support

We love you, and love helping you be successful. As such, we will provide you with partner-only communication channels.

Targeted promotion

With our social networks and newsletter sent to hundreds of thousands people every week, we will help you highlight and promote your events and tournaments.
You will also have dedicated channels on the Discord Server to make your announcements to the community.

Plus, don't hesitate showing off your Partnership with our Partner Logos!


If you want to start a great esports adventure with us, and you think you have what it takes, do not hesitate anymore and

The selection will be based on your quality as a tournament organizer, your activity on, your localization, and your community with social media audience.

Your achievements as organizer and anything that could help us evaluate your application will be appreciated too!

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