The Match Lobby

Updated 2 months ago ​by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Participants like to talk, would it be to exchange information about an upcoming match, or to gloat after a win. Whatever the reason, Toornament now features a fully functional and home-made chat system, linked to a tournament's match: the Match Lobby.
It is available to all the participants of the match, and all admins of the tournament with the "Report Results" permission.

A Participant point of view of the Match Lobby.

Depending on your status in the tournament, you will access it from a match page, either in the Participant Dashboard or the Organizer Dashboard:

Button on the Participant Match Page, depending if the Report is enabled or not

The Organizer Match Lobby, accessible with a button close to "Videos" and "Streams"

The goal of this new feature is to ease up the communication between participants in a tournament, to exchange information on how to answer the vital "Where?", "When?" and "How?" questions about their match. It may also be useful for admins to give such information or settle other matters like score disputes and such.

As of now, the feature is only available through the Web Platform (which is entirely responsive, so you can access it through your mobile device!), but the App version is bound to release in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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