Define your Match Format

Updated 6 months ago ​by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

With Toornament, you can easily report the match result. Moreover, you can also report all games results of a match once you have defined the match format.
The match format refers to the number of games a competitor must win over another competitor in order to win the series.
When a competitor manages to win the majority of the games, then, the remaining games can be discarded.

You can have matches played with:

  • No Game: if you just want a Win/Loss information, or a global result with no detailed game.
  • Single Game: if you have only one game per match with details (BO1)
  • Home and Away: if you have two games per match (BO2)
  • BO3 to BO11: for matches with as many possible games, where a participant has to win a majority of games to win the match

You can combine these possibilities to exactly configure your tournament:

  • To define all matches format on your tournament, go to "Settings" - "Match" and choose your Match format. This match format will apply on all your tournament matches.

  • To define the match format on a specific part of your tournament, go to the Structure page. Then, click on Configure for the stage you want to edit, and you will be able to change your match format under the Advanced tab. This match format will apply to all matches from the selected stage.

  • Finally, if you need to change the match format on a specific match, like your grand finals, select the match in the Matches Section and edit the match format.

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