How to use our API

Updated 14 days ago ​by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


First, read the introduction to our API. You can then go to our developer website and start diving into it.

Also keep in mind that our API will feature both Read and Write functions a few weeks from now, widening the possibilities for innovative services and neat content generation.

Here a few notable uses you can make using our API, whatever your eSport business is.

Tournament organizer

Taylor-sized portal

Enrich your official website with all the latest results and information from your current and upcoming events.

Data-driven feedback

Gather statistics and datas from your tournament, to detect what’s working what’s not, anticipate trends build upon them.

Score reporting

Handle the score reporting and match editing straight from your site. This comes in handy for larger tournaments, online leagues with simultaneous matches, or for small admin teams.


eSport media

eSport section

Automatically generate eSport content on your site. Cover the major events, an eSport discipline or set up a live coverage page.

Rich content for analysis and infographics

Empower your writers and columnists insights with advanced datas, cross statistics and trivias. Their imagination is the limit.

Video game Developer

Introduce your API to ours

The whole eSport community is hungry for more content from their favorite video game. Help spread the love by providing datas from your game we can get and share through Toornament.

eSport middleware

Tap into our engine to embed the most powerful eSport tournament generator right into your game, so that you community can organize and participate in tournaments without even leaving the game.

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