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Toornament does not offer a fully-fledged Free-For-All format just yet, but in the meantime, we have come up with a way for you to create and manage a FFA Tournament with matches for 3 to 10 players!
It involves some of our Advanced Settings, and a few tricks, and it works wonders! Just to be clear, the Swiss-based system we proposed for PUBG-style FFA could work here too, with each match being an entirely new Swiss Stage. This new way of doing things allows you to gather all of your matches from a round in a single Toornament stage.

First off, a few key points:

  1. You need an even number of Participants in each match. If that's not the case, you're gonna have to create Ghost Participant(s).
  2. If the game doesn't provide one by default, you will need a Points System to attribute to each participant after each match.
  3. Just because this works, it does not mean we will not provide a dedicated FFA structure in the future!

For this format, we are going to see how the organizers of the Quakecon proceeded for their Rage: Road Rage tournament:


Tournament Stages - Click to Enlarge 

As we can see, they created several Round-Robin Stages, each corresponding to a round, composed of several matches:


Stage Matches - Click to Enlarge

Up to this point, it's very standard. You create your tournament, and open your registrations or create your Participants.
Next, you have to create the structure and place your participants, so as to have them dispatched in the Groups with a Group being in fact a single Match (remember you need an even number of participants in each match! It might mean you have to create "dummy" participants and place them).
Create a Round-Robin Stage, with the Size you need, and under the "Advanced" tab, change the Points Attribution system to "Match Score" ONLY:


Stage Advanced Settings - Click to Enlarge 

The next step is to modify the Pairing Table of the group to only keep the first line of matches, so that each participant only plays once:


Depending on the number of participants, you will have from 2 to 5 (10 participants, limit of a Round-Robin group) matches.

When the match is played, simply "DRAW" every match and give the according scores to the teams that earned points:


Match result report - Click to Enlarge

And do so for every match on Toornament, to simply input the score of each participant in the match:


You can now create as many stages as you have rounds, and create Groups in them to simulate your matches. Of course, every single element can be renamed to reflect what is really happening!
This will work for any game, from Quake Champions to Mario Kart, with Trackmania (See the FunLAN for example) or any Speedrunning attempt in between... and can be adapted for any kind of FFA format, so feel free to experiment on your own!

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