Toornament Localization

Updated 6 months ago by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

We are currently localizing the website into several other languages, for people to be able to enjoy the platform in their favorite language.
The first languages to get added to the platform will be:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

With more coming up shortly after!

To make sure the important terms we use on the platform are correct and adapted to our esports environment, we would like to call upon our amazing community organizers' skills, so they can help us speed up the process, and .
To that end, we set up a community platform for you to help us translate our Glossary. If you are willing to help us in one (or several) of the above-listed languages, create an account on Zanata and contact us on Discord, in the #loc-join-team channel for us to grant you access to the Localization Project Team, so you can submit and review translations!

Once you are added to the Project Team, head to the Zanata Project and select the Language you are going to translate to.
There is a single file to be translated, the Glossary Terms:

Open up the document, and you have now access to all the text strings to get translated:

On your left are the source texts, in english, and on the right, the translations. That's now up to you to add, correct and adjust the translations!
The central colored bar shows the status of the current translation:

  • Grey: Untranslated
  • Yellow: Fuzzy (meaning the translation needs a rework)
  • Green: Translated
  • Blue: Verified Translation

Meaning if you see a blue central bar, like on the above screenshot, there is no need for further work, the string has been translated and verified!
As soon as the glossary is ready, we'll put a team of professional translators on the project, to localize the whole website!

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