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Updated 6 months ago by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot

This one is for all Hearthstone aficionados, but directed at the organizers in particular. A common habit for Hearthstone tournaments is to have players submit their decks beforehand, but this often is a hassle, for participants and organizers alike.

Fortunately, our colleagues from Millenium have come up with a simple yet handy Deck Builder. Let us walk you through it!

To create your deck, the first step is to go to the Deck Builder:


Once you have chosen your class, add cards by simply clicking on them. You have a wide range of filters and criteria to quickly search and find the ones you want:


Once your deck is complete, you can review it, and access to a Share Link that will allow anyone to view it:


The connoisseurs will recognize the infamous Renolock deck

But how is that relevant with tournament organization? When creating a tournament, an organizer can add Custom Fields for participants to submit the links to their decks. Custom fields that can either be public or private, depending on the rules of your tournament (and if you want other participants to have access to the decklists of their opponents).

With the Pick&Ban Feature already available for Hearthstone, this is a second step in the right direction, which is an ever-increasing integration of game features into Toornament; and we want to keep going this way, by displaying the submitted decks directly on Toornament for example...

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