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Toornament and AdminBot work together.


This partnership is made for all organizers looking for more productivity and time savings, as it will allow them to both automate match management and retrieve results and rich statistics!

The recipe is fairly straightforward: setup your competition with Toornament, handle your matches with AdminBot.

Here’s a quick guide to use both Toornament and AdminBot:

On Toornament

  1. Create your tournament
  2. Pick a format, Open your Registrations and place your participants
  3. Define Match Format and Maps Pool

With the Toornament API

Adminbot uses our API to be able to import matches from Toornament and put results and statistics.


  1. Request an API activation
  2. Create an app

On AdminBot


  1. Configure the Toornament API
  2. Import Toornament matches (Meaning game, as AdminBot treats each game as a match)
  3. Start the match
  4. Export the result and stats to Toornament

The tournament will then automatically progress on Toornament. You may have to import matches in Adminbot again if your structure contains 2 or more phases (i.e. Groups + Playoffs), or for the rounds of a bracket.


So, get started now with

- Get AdminBot

- Get a VM including Debian 8 with an automatic Adminbot Package setup on 1st boot

eBot user? Toornament is also supported by eBot!

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