API Tool: a script to edit your Schedule

Updated 2 years ago by Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot


The Scheduling process can become a bit tedious at times when you have a lot of entries to deal with one by one using the regular dashboard. While our developers are working on an improvement, a little tool posted on GitHub will perfectly do the trick in the meantime.


This handy PHP script uses our API to batch add/edit your tournament’s Match Schedules.

Use it

Go to https://developer.toornament.com/applications, request an API Beta invite and get your API Key, API Client ID, API Client Secret and add your Tournament ID.

Run the script into a PHP server with the Curl extension activated. Use these IDs and you’re good to go and edit Match Schedules in no time!


As this script is open source and uses our free API, feel free to fork from this version to add your own enhancements and share your work with the community!

Get the Toornament Match Scheduling Tool

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